Take control of your shipping with UROUTE.

Our TMS features elevate your team to the next level of efficiency and cost savings.

Now, more than ever before, supply chain managers need flexibility. Flexibility from where they work, flexibility to work from multiple devices, and flexibility on how teams and vendors interact.

When logistics professionals see UROUTE, we quickly become their first choice. Our clean design and intuitive layout makes daily functions easy to navigate and quick to execute. Doers immediately find time and cost savings while using UROUTE.


Take control of your shipping with TMS Features that take your team to the next level of efficiency and cost savings

Bid Management

Save money, save time. Selecting the absolute lowest price is easy when all your pre-qualified carriers are bidding in one place at one time. Eliminate all the emails and phone calls.

Deep Visibility

Never be out of the know. See where your shipment is located and when it will arrive. Tracking for TL, IM and LTL all in one platform.

Strong Reports

Results that work for you. Make continual improvements by putting your company's data to work for you. Not only do we collect data, we make it easy to understand, so you improve operational efficiencies.


Always have the answer. All correspondence between shippers and carriers regarding loads, bids, and rates are organized and accessible. Never lose an important email or document again.

Carrier Management

Carrier intel at your finger-tips. Quickly add or remove carriers from your network based off your KPI's.

RFQ Development

Create and lock in pricing for multiple lanes with multiple carriers over a specified period of time. Streamline your RFQ process and simplify carrier awards.

Bill Audit

Keep track of all invoices electronically and instantly audit off original tender.

Freight Optimization

Automatically build optimal routes and maximize cube and weight from customer sales orders. Direct SO/PO feeds from ERP.


U Route reduces freight costs and increases transparency

U Route is an intuitive and easy to implement TMS solution. The software helps organizations professionally manage their carrier network internally while not relying on an expensive third party solution. U Route's value to shippers is that freight analytics and carrier management can be insourced at a nominal cost. I highly recommend U Route to any organization looking to improve processes in logistics, accounts payable and management reporting. Moreover, the strategy behind U Route's platform helps ensure that the most competitive freight rates in the market are visible to shippers. The insourcing of freight management, however, comes with its challenges. Since the shippers and carriers are the sources of data input, downstream reports are impacted by data quality issues that might stem from typos or mistakes made throughout a load life cycle. For this reason, internal training is very important and if users do not fully understand the implications of their contributions to the system, they might be less inclined to provide reliable inputs.
Chris from PERI Formwork Systems Inc.

BPS uses U Route TMS

BPS is an automotive core supplier to the rebuilding industry across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. We also ship internationally. We started with U Route nearly 2 years ago. It's been quite a change in the way we do our freight. U Route has made it considerably easier and saved us both time and money. Before U Route, we would get in an order for a trailer load of merchandise and begin calling around to brokers and trucking companies for costs and then wait to hear back to get all results. Today, we just go online to U Route, enter the information, and set up freight shipments. In less than 2 minutes, the job is complete! After the first year of service, we saw a savings of over 10% on freight costs. This year should be much better. When vendors realized the volume we had with them, they decreased their rates, lowering our costs. I still check with other vendors to verify the cost savings. However, U Route is handling 75% of our business. It is easy and has saved time as well as money. The program is beneficial because it provides cost analysis, monthly trends, and customer reports - plus we can track the shipments, should any problems arise. I've been quite pleased with this program.
Keith from BPS Cores, Inc.

Simply Amazing.

It's so easy. They have an amazingly simple, user-friendly interface. It took no time at all to have my whole staff up and running. We only use U Route for RFQ, bid management, and load tendering (EDI), and it is perfect for that. We do not utilize their other functionality, so I can't provide a review on what we don't use. U Route is really well thought out. I have used a lot of transportation software; U Route is much easier than anything else I've tried, and for me, easier equals better. For the price, you can't beat it. I have never had a problem with U Route not getting back to me on something, so for me, customer support has been fine. So simple, yet it does so much. As a 3PL, we utilize U Route for all of our RFQ's and load tenders. We input all of our lane OD pairs and carrier responses come back electronically. No more spreadsheets and emails. All of the carrier responses are in the same format, which is nice. U Route makes carrier awards and tenders extremely simple. Do your homework. We shopped around and demoed several systems. There are TMS's that do more, but for what we were looking to accomplish (primarily bid management), U Route was the perfect fit.
Christyn from Universal Logistics (source: Capterra)

Uroute has been a great tool for us here at JB Hunt. This system is easy to use and the support is great. Any questions that come up they are very prompt to personally call back. I would recommend this system, and all of its benefits, to everyone.

Travis from J.B. HUNT

The ease of use and support are excellent. We have been able to implement the system fairly easily and have been supported by uRoute staff every step of the way. We have only had to request some minor adjustments and tweaks to the program in order to better suit our application.

Martin from Progressive Converting, Inc. (source: Capterra)

Just what we needed as a TMS- have been a happy customer for years!

Top 3 things we like about URoute are: 1) Flexibility to customize to needs- more than once we have scoped a development request and they always deliver on time and in budget 2)reporting and data- plenty of it to play with, and 3) invoice module has made the process of managing AP and reconciliations much easier!
We wouldn't call it a con, but the only way it could get better would be to get more carriers using it so we can grow our network
Mary from Liquidity Services, Inc

Streamline shipping tasks and improve efficiency

Excellent resource for cost and transit time from a wide variety of carriers of your choice, greatly reduces the need for telephone quotes, pickup requests are put in automatically and email acknowledged, freight quote numbers are assigned, easy to train new employees for shipping quotes, useful tool when examining costs for LTL, versus Volume and Truckload, Customer Support is quick, usually within a couple hours if not sooner. Historical information is available if questions arise.
The thing I liked the least about this product is that this survey will not allow me to finish without typing something I don't like.
Julie from Vision Wheel

First-Rate Logistics Software

Eternal Beverages isn't a logistics company but URoute allows us to submit bid requests, have load visibility and receive pricing as if we were in the industry.
We have no complaints in our first 6-months with URoute.
Steven from Eternal Beverages, Inc.

Tarco's pleasant experience with URoute.

The ability to see all of Tarco's loads from all three shipping locations is very important to our corporate management. U Route gives us that, plus it helps us to lower our freight cost by exposing us to more carriers to competitively bid on our loads.
It would be better if they had a version that was just for Tarco, but since they have many other customers using their software, we realize that is not possible.
Rick from Tarco, Inc

U Route is great!

U Route gives us the ability to link our outbound loads with truckers that are looking for those routes in an efficient format.
Our biggest challenge has been getting truckers to utilize U Route on a consistent basis.
Andy from Best Block Company