UROUTE's RFQ module can be used for multiple purposes. It is most often used for requesting contract rates from core carriers over an extended period of time . Multiple lanes can be sent out to your core carrier network and UROUTE's algorithm filters opportunities to only those carriers in your network that have the ability (shipment type, equipment type and geographical setting) to participate in your RFQ. For Example, if you are putting out an RFQ for TL in the Pacific Northwest, UROUTE will not send a notifications or display the opportunity to LTL carriers in the Northeast. This also eliminates clumsy email and spreadsheet coordination.

Electronic Tendering

Once carrier awardments have been set, shippers can tender directly to carriers from RFQs. This allows for direct tendering or automatic waterfall tendering. Managers can control the tendering process or allow individual user’s manual discretion to tender to carriers electronically.