Shipper Website Use Agreement

The above desires access to and the right to use the uRoute L.L.C. website. By entering our acceptance below, we agree to a use fee confirmed by email. uRoute reserves the right to change the Website Use Agreement including the Use Fee on not less than 10 days prior notice. If the Website Use Agreement is changed, we understand that our right of access to or use of the Website will require our acceptance of a new Website Use Agreement. We acknowledge that uRoute will issue invoices to us monthly identifying the loads and the Carrier freight charges upon which the Use Fee is calculated. We agree to pay the total amount invoiced within 30 days of invoice date. Further, our acceptance below constitutes our acknowledgment that we have read the uRoute Terms and Conditions posted on the Website which are incorporated herein by this reference and our agreement to the same. We agree that all use of the Website under our name constitutes our representation that we have authorized such use. Capitalized terms above are defined in the uRoute Terms and conditions.