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TMS features to help take your team to the next level of efficiency and cost savings

add loads

Build Loads

Let's not complicate things. uRoute brings data entry to your team in a clean simple format. No hoops, no fuss, integrate uRoute seamlessly with your EPR or WMS and eliminate key strokes all together.

driver behind wheel

Dispatch Drivers

Can your drivers participate in their own dispatch and check calls? Yep. Does this reduce staffing costs and increase efficiency? Yep. When drivers communicate via mobile technology, do shippers receive more accurate real time data? Yep. Can we ping driver locations? Yep.

paid invoice

Customer Invoicing

Each customer brings their own requirements when it comes to how they want to be invoiced. With uRoute you are ready for EDI, API, email or paper invoices right from the start. No extra costs or cumbersome implementation.

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Dispatch Connectivity

Fleet managers and drivers communicating in real-time. No more issues with shift changes and visibility.

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EDI and API Integration

EDI and API integrations can be expensive and difficult to implement. No worries, U Route performs thousands of transactional interfaces each day. uRoute covers EDI and API set up for each customer and provides the follow up to ensure transactions are received and transmitted accurately.

gears turning

Equipment Management

Tie your equipment seamlessly to your daily TMS functions. Assign Equipment to terminals, drivers and loads. Tracking equipment and keeping up-to-date information on all of your company's assets has been made visible and easy to track.