UROUTE was founded on the principle that technology should enhance the connectivity between all logistics participants. The idea to bring together the right processes and tools, including technology, that will enhance operations and provide your team with a competitive advantage is the right approach. UROUTE’s vendor connectivity and intuitive user interface allows for quick, accurate decision making, which saves money and time and gives your team that competitive advantage.

UROUTE provides asset carriers with FREE technology to manage all facets of their business. UROUTE carriers’ can run all their loads through UROUTE, not just the shipments offered to them through UROUTE shippers. Our philosophy starts with carriers, the power that drives our industry. UROUTE appreciates the fact that carriers find freight in many places and platforms. We want to give them a reason to be on UROUTE every day for every load. UROUTE analytics steers carriers towards tighter operations and higher profitability.

Now that we have provided the incentive for carriers to live within UROUTE, shippers using UROUTE have better, more reliable access to their core carriers and service providers. Advantages gained from working in one platform affords all participants better information and time saving efficiencies, which increases profitability for all. Instead of a zero sum game, UROUTE offers an “infinite sum gain.”

Shippers and FUMs pay the bills, so UROUTE tools and functionality drive logistics efficiencies and cost reductions. It is not enough to connect shippers to carriers. We need to learn, understand and tighten their relationships. Over time, UROUTE learns purchasing patterns based off your procurement habits and can be configured to auto tender in cascading fashion. We don’t want to just show users the possibilities, we want to learn the best practices and then act proactively.

Our mission and goal is to bring the best technology to the logistics industry now and into the future.

Jonathan Sturtz